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1 Maple Drive, Moulsham Lodge,
Chelmsford,  CM2 9HP
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John Deighton
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Would you like the opportunity to generate a very serious residual income out of a few hours in your spare time from home?

I wasn???t looking for anything to fill my spare time or compete with a busy schedule, but this company met ALL of the criteria to be the next billion dollar company. Here are the factors that make this such a powerful opportunity right now and we had to get involved.

You can be in at the beginning!

The company recently launched in the States, Canada and Australia. It is still in pre-launch operations in Russia, Asia and many European countries. So we have a real window of opportunity to get ahead in the race, before most people even know there is one. I want my people to own their own areas, before the mass market even hears of the company. We???re looking for leaders we can train in our team system to own their local market and springboard from there.

Big Residual Income Available.

I???m sure you???re aware how important is it to have residual income to create true wealth. With this business the compensation plan offers nine ways to earn, with most of them residual. More importantly they have pioneered the biggest innovation in compensation of the last 15-20 years, the Leveraged Matching Bonus. If you know anything about how these plans work, you???re going to hallucinate when you understand this one!

The products fill a huge market demand.

The products are based on an amazing scientific breakthrough that creates an entire new product category, so the market potential is beyond enormous. Yet it is a simple concept that makes so much sense people "get??? it right away. Everyone in the world would benefit from the products and one use makes that clear to them. There are many lifestyle factors and trends that make these products in serious demand right now. This ensures you a stable business and income for many years to come.

You can make money while you sleep!

The company is now operating or in pre-launch in 50+ countries. That gives you the chance to build an international business; you can make money across 24 time zones!

Because of the nature of the compensation plan, positioning and timing are important. Right now I am looking for people who recognise an opportunity, you have a chance to position yourself and create a legacy income for life.

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