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CJC Music Associates and Publishing
221 N Main Street
Syracuse, New York 13116
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Christa Coir
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CJC Music Associates and Publishing is an independent music, business services and publishing company. We seek to educate and empower talent, artists, writers, business owners, professional individuals and students to the best of their creative abilities while supporting them with products and services that will help enhance them in their professional careers and hobby-istic journeys.

Services and Programs Available
Web Design, Web Promotion & Advertising, SEO Artist Development & Business Coaching Online Workshops/Live Seminars CJC Music Radio Network Music/Radio/TV Commercial Production Contracts, Copyrights, Trademarks Issues Entertainment Legal/Paralegal Services Business and Music Business Consultations Publishing & Promotional Products for businesses Mobile Distribution & Marketing Text Message Marketing Music Distribution- Global and local, digital and physical product Radio/Music Video Delivery Services- UK/USA/Canada Music, Lyric and Songwriting Services Social Networking and Social Media List Building Songwriting & Video Contests Music Publishing & Licensing CJC Music Gifts Store Master Computer Services: Security Systems, Networking Systems, Troubleshooting, Software Support, Parts & Repair and more...