Olympus ($895 - 1055 depending on size)
Olympus ($895 - 1055 depending on size)
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Product Description:

When it comes to quality, performance, and efficiency, the Olympus water softener rises above the competition. We use microprocessor on-demand technology to improve efficiency by 50%, regenerating only when needed. The Olympus water softener stores your daily water usage in your Phoenix area home in memory and can literally predict your future water needs. This water softening system even knows which days have greater demand than others, adjusting your soft water reserve to ensure that you will never be without quality soft water. The Olympus water softener also uses exclusive Water SoftenersEcoflow technology in the regeneration process. This revolutionary technology requires 30% less water for back washing the resin tank and eliminates water channeling. The result is a cleaner, more efficient water softening system. NSF 44/WQA certification guarantees the highest quality components; strict protocols and testing procedures are assured. The Olympus Water Softener System is a testimony to Clear Water Concepts' commitment to conservation, innovation, and quality!

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