Sanitech Pro-line ($1195 - $1395...
Sanitech Pro-line ($1195 - $1395 depending on size)
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Product Description:

The Sanitech Pro-Line combines water softening and water filtration into one exceptional water treatment system that is designed specifically for Phoenix area water. Multiple media layered in the resin tank produces the ultimate in quality, filtered, soft water from every faucet in the home. The Sanitech Pro-Line eliminates hard water, scaling, chlorine, VOC's, & odors, all in one highly advanced water treatment system. We also include our exclusive Water SoftenersEcoflow technology into this water treatment system and the state-of-the art features of our Olympus series water softeners. The Sanitech Pro-Line is tomorrow's technology today!

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Price: $895.00
Price: $595.00
Price: $1350.00